Karla has a passion for classical music that harks back to seeds sown as a child.

The enjoyment of music is integral to all of Karla's work.

The strong theme of music is an ongoing influence that can be seen in many of Karla's pieces.

Karla Freitag bird

Why Classical Music is Essential

Karla has a passion for classical music. This video in which violinist Keith Stanfield, from the Opus 76 Quartet, explains "Why Classical Music is Essential" to society, is one that particularly speaks to Karla and may inspire you also. Please watch.

A final rendition of Chopin

Iryna Manyukina is seen playing the piano in their home in Bila Tserkva, some 80 kilometers from Kyiv. Her house is bombed and before leaving she plays her white grand piano, filmed by her daughter. It's a famous piece but the emotion in her playing is very moving. Karla has known this Chopin study her whole life.